A Tool for Composing and Decomposing Numbers (KG)

New Curriculum for Kindergarten

Kindergarten 1, (Strand 5):

K1. Compose and decompose numbers up to ten

You teach children to compose (putting together) and decompose (breaking down) numbers up to 10.  The description in the curriculum mentions bottle tops, but of course you do not want the bottle tops flying all over your classroom! Here is a tool you can make to help the children learn in an orderly, structured way: 


1. Cut off the bottom of a big plastic bottle, (for example a large Voltic bottle) to make a cup:

Make sure it is clean and dry!
Make sure it is clean and dry!


2. Make similar cups from 2 smaller bottles:



3. Collect at least 10 plastic bottle tops:


Again, make sure they are clean!
Again, make sure they are clean!


4. The 3 cups and the bottle tops are 1 set. Make as many sets as you need for your class; for example, two or three children could use one set together.


5. To teach Decomposition (breaking down): place a number of tops in the large cup:



Let the children count the tops
Let the children count the tops


6. Place the 2 smaller cups in front of the large cup. Place a smaller number of tops in one cup:


7. Ask the children to place the correct number of tops in the empty cup, to make the same number as the large cup:



Repeat steps 5-7 until all children understand it.



To teach Composition (putting together): go through the steps in the opposite way.






* When children are learning the number symbols: add number cards to reinforce the number-quantity concept:



* The same set can be used to demonstrate addition and subtraction:


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