The Parents' Guide


How Parents can help their Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties



Do you know that children do not all learn in the same way? Many children find it difficult to read and write simple words that their colleagues of the same age find it easy to do. 



When your child persistently struggles to read and write basic words, that may be an indication of learning difficulties in reading and writing, commonly called Dyslexia.



However, until your child is assessed and diagnosed, you cannot conclude that s/he has Dyslexia. Also, please note that it may be too early to say that your child who is below 6 years has Dyslexia.



However, you may observe the following early warning signs (risk factors) when your child is learning to read and write:



As a parent, when you observe the above risk factors over a period of time, here is what you can do to support your child:


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