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Encouraging Play

Play was a big part of my childhood, and I would call it my first love though it always ended in tears. Tears because my mother... read more


How to help your Child develop letter-sound skills

Phonics is the use of letter-sounds to help your Child read easilyPhonics helps Children beginning to learn more





Milestones in Cognitive Development of Children - an overview

'Cognitive' has to do with thinking; so 'Cognitive Development' is about how Children develop their ability to think, to... read more









Is your Child Reading or reciting?

Priscilla is reciting from memory: she recites words that she has learned to recognise by ... read more






Is your Child eating healthy?

Providing children with good nutrition is very important for

their development. The nutrients found in the food ... read more








How Parents can help Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties

Do you know that children do not all learn in the same way? Many children find it difficult to read and write... read more









Integrating Early Childhood Learning in domestic activities

Having a pre-schooler in the house can be exhausting but also a source of great pleasure and fun. The zeal for life, ... read more

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