Posts tagged with "Numbers & Maths"

TLMs to create  · September 29, 2021
Counting Heads
Interactive counting and maths, at low cost.
TLMs to create  · September 12, 2021
Mulltiplication with Sticks
A low-cost, simple tool to teach multiplication.
TLMs to create  · August 04, 2021
Make Shape Sorters for KG
Free guide for making your own Shape Sorters.
TLMs to create  · June 02, 2021
Demonstrating Object Properties
How to make a simple tool to demonstrate object properties.
TLMs to create  · March 24, 2021
A Golden Tool to teach the Decimal System
Free step-by-step instructions for making the Golden Beads.
TLMs to create  · January 28, 2021
How to make Flashcards
Free step-by-step guide how to make neat flash cards for teaching.
TLMs to create  · October 21, 2020
Make a playful tool for matching Numbers to Quantities. Click for free step-by-step instructions.
TLMs to create  · August 18, 2020
Fractions: a Free step-by-step guide for making a practical tool to teach the concept of halves.
TLMs to create  · June 08, 2020
New Curriculum for KG: a FREE step-by-step guide for making a tool to teach de/composition of numbers. Click now to view.