What's inside the box?

Every box contains 12 Challenges:

And four (4) wooden tiles to meet the Challenges:

Let's try Challenge #1:

Look at the image, pick the front or the back of the tiles and arrange them.

Now, that was not too difficult; let's move on to Challenge #2:

And as you go on, the Challenges become more tricky, combining the front and the back of the tiles.





Brain Developers: 6 different games,

5x12 Challenges.



5x12 Challenges?

How about Game #6?


Game #6 has two (2) very Special Challenges... inside the box there are not 4 but 16 little tiles:

Discover how smart you are!

Brain Developers develop visual perception skills and logical thinking skills: skills that  prepare children for using and making technology.

With Brain Developers children practice:

* positioning

* estimating proportions

* seeing relationships between data and objects

* seeing similarities and differences

* vocabulary: left-right, top-down, front-back, under-above

* collaboration, competition, team work, communication


Prepare your Child for the 21st Century with Brain Developers!

 And of course: have a try yourself....

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Easy Purchase Plan50: Ghc25.50

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- Ideal as gifts for children's parties.

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