Letter Shapes


Cut out letters from a to z, with two pieces each for the vowels. For learning the letters and early Phonics.

Level: KG1+



Three-letter Word Puzzles


Fifteen phonetic three-letter words as three-piece puzzles. For early reading.

Level: Class 1+


My Letters


Letter bag with cut-out letters; vowels two pieces each. Supports learning to read through Phonics.

Level: KG1+


Poster 'English Alphabet'


A poster teaching the letters of the English Alphabet with the help of familiar, mostly short phonetic (CVC) words. Size A1 (60x85cm), including eyelet holes for easy hanging.

Appropriate for Phonics.

Level: from KG


Phonics Flash Cards -

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) Words


Wooden cards displaying CVC words for phonics instruction. The words are chosen for familiarity to the Ghanaian learner. 

Available in boxes of 20 pieces or 50 pieces.

Level: from KG