Ghc 60.00


Ghana Map Puzzle


Map of Ghana with new Regions as wooden puzzle. Teaches the names of the regions and the regional capitals, as well as general map reading. Sixteen (16) pieces.

Level: Class 3+

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Ghc 70.00


Human Skeleton Puzzle


A puzzle that teaches structure and names of parts of the human skeleton.

Level: Class3+




Ghc 30.00

Poster 'Ghana History'


A colourful poster showing Ghana's history from the year 1900. It relates the timeline to the lifetime of today's  children's parents, grandparents and so on. Size A1 (85x60cm), material: flexy. Including eyelet holes for hanging.

Level: from Class 3

Ghc 30.00

Poster 'Map of Ghana'


A poster showing Ghana's current administrative map, including the recently created regions. Size A1 (60x85cm), material: flexy. Including eyelet holes for hanging. 

Level: from Class 3