Shapes & Colours


A colourful board game to learn basic colours and shapes. The material teaches sorting and selecting skills and develops three-finger grip.

Level: From Age 3


NB Children younger than three years need close supervision with this game, because of the small size of the pieces.


Poster 'Shapes'


A colourful poster showing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Size A1 (60x85cm). Including eyelet holes for easy hanging.

Level: Pre-school

Parts of the Body


A tool to learn the different body parts in an interactive way.  children learn the names while slotting the pieces in place. The material differentiates between ' big' body parts (like head, legs) and ' small' body parts (like ankles, fingers) through different font sizes.

Measurement: 57x21cm. Available in cardboard and wood.

Level: KG

Sequencing Boards


This material develops the skill of recognising patterns and completing sequences, in preparation for reading. Children place the correct coloured shape in the slots to complete each sequence.

The set contains of ten (10) boards, each measuring 46x10cm. Available in cardboard and wood.

Level: KG

Tree and Plant


The Tree and Plant material teaches the various parts of trees and plants, in ine with the new KG curriculum. Children place the pieces in the correct place while identifying the different parts.

Measurement: 52x30cm.

Available in cardboard and wood.

Level: KG

Flags Puzzles


Our world and our people: learn names and flags of different countries by sorting and matching the pieces. This material can be used individually or for group work.

Each flag measures 20x15cm.

Available in cardboard and wood.

Level: KG