A playful tool for matching Numbers and Quantities

New Curriculum for Kindergarten (KG)


K1. Write numeral 1 to 5 and represent them with different objects in the church, number of letters in a word etc.


K2. Compare objects and numerals between 1 to 20




This playful tool is helpful when children are learning the numbers in relation to the quantities they represent. It helps them to visualise ‘how many items’ each number stands for. This is the foundation for learning and understanding mathematics.


When preparing the materials, plan whether your class will work in groups or that you want each child to have its own set.


First, we make the tool:




1. Cut out square cards from cardboard and boldly write numbers on them (numbers 1-5 for KG1, numbers 1-20 for KG2). A marker may work best. Make the cards at least 7cmx7cm. 



2. Have enough counters ready. Plastic bottle tops do very well for counters. Make sure they are washed!



3. Cut big circles from paper or card. They can be as big as a plate. Alternatively you can use real plates. 


Steps in Teaching


Activity 1:


1. Children lay out the big circles in a line.

2. Children place the number cards in the correct order, one number per circle. When laying out each number, they can mention the number and trace it with their finger.

3. On each circle, they place the correct number of counters.


Activity 2:


1. Lay out the numbers randomly at the circles.

2. Children mention each number and place the correct number of counters on the circle.


Activity 3:



1. Place random quantities of counters in the circles.

2. Children count the counters and place the correct number card.




You can do many more different activities, depending on the learning needs of your class.



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