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Flashcards are effective learning tools that help children to memorize and learn new information more quickly. Throughout the New Basic School Curriculum, flashcards are recommended as tools for teaching and learning. Here is how you can make a set of neat flashcards on any topic.





Step-by-step guide to create flashcards:



1. Decide how many cards you need. Also decide how big your cards should be. Make sure they are big enough for learners at the back of your classroom to see clearly.




2. Measure your card or paper and mark where you need to cut:



3. Cut them neatly along the lines you have drawn:




4. Optional: To make your cards more attractive, you can colour the edges of the cards with a crayon. But this depends on the content you will be teaching.

Keep in mind that children may remember the colour of a card instead of the content to be learned – for example: they remember that the answer on a blue card is ‘2’, without paying attention to the maths problem.



Examples of flashcards:




1. Alphabet cards


Sketch an image of an object starting with a letter of the alphabet on one side of the card. Write the letter on the other side. Alternatively, you can print out images and paste them on the card. Make sure that all images are objects that are familiar to your learners, and can be found in their own environments:





2. Colour flashcards


With a crayon or poster paints, create a coloured spot on the front side of the card. Write the name of the colour at the back:




3. Maths flashcards

- Write a maths problem on one side of the card, and the solution on the back:

 - Create a pictorial maths problem on the front of the card, and the solution on the back:



You can arrange your sets of cards as single cards or in a book form.

To arrange your flashcards in a book form:


          Use a hole puncher to make holes on the left top corner of the cards.


          Use a large key ring to bundle the cards.

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