Easy Purchase Plan - Terms & Conditions




The Easy Purchase Plan is a client incentive of Special Learning Materials Ltd (SLM).


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section serves as practical regulations for the Plan. 




A subscriber of the Easy Purchase Plan agrees to:


1. Make monthly payments by the 15th of each month


2. Accept that after two (2) months of non-payment his/her account will be deactivated until all outstanding monthly payments are made.


3. Accept that monies paid are not refundable.


4. Communicate in a transparent way on any issue that arises while exercising their rights and responsibilities as a subscriber of the Easy Purchase Plan.




Special Learning Materials Ltd commits to:


1. Send reminders for monthly payments by the 10th of every month.


2. Confirm receipt of each payment and communicate account balances after each transaction.


3. Communicate in a transparent way with subscribers of the Easy Purchase Plan on all issues that arise when executing transactions for subscribers.


4. Inform subscribers in time whenever there is a change in regulations.




Submitting the completed Sign Up form for the Easy Purchase Plan means agreement to the above Terms & Conditions.