Easy Purchase Plan - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the SLM Easy Purchase Plan?


The SLM Easy Purchase Plan is a scheme that enables Clients to purchase learning materials at a discount and to benefit from attractive offers.




2. What are the benefits Clients get when they join the SLM Easy Purchase Plan?


When you sign up for the SLM Easy Purchase Plan, you have access to quality learning materials at a lower price than ordinary buyers. You also benefit from additional discount on product offers, and you receive early notice of new products. This enables you to build up a collection of learning resources over a period of time at a much lower cost. As a school owner, you can make purchases for various grades and you can also order items for your book list. 




3. Why the SLM Easy Purchase Plan?


The SLM Easy Purchase Plan was initiated when many schools were facing financial constraints because of the extended COVID-19 school closures. The Plan enables them to acquire quality learning materials without paying large amounts at once.




4. When I subscribe, how much do I pay?


Option 1: Gh¢30.00 per month for 10% discount on all purchases (EasyPurchasePlan30)

Option 2: Gh¢50.00 per month for 15% discount on all purchases (EasyPurchasePlan50)




5. Under this Plan, can I buy any product or only selected ones?


You can buy any product that is on SLM’s website. Each product has listed the prices that apply to the SLM Easy Purchase Plan.




6. Once I subscribe and start making monthly payments, what happens?


When you sign up you receive your electronic membership card through the Whatsapp number you have designated. Your Whatsapp number serves as your member ID. You make your first monthly payment as you submit your registration form. After each transaction, you receive confirmation of your balance through Whatsapp.


Once you are signed up, you can purchase using the balance in your account.


Payment month 1: Gh¢ 50.00

Payment month 2: Gh¢ 50.00

Total in account: Gh¢ 100.00

Purchase: Ghana Map Puzzle @ 15% discount = Gh¢ 51.00

Remaining balance: Gh¢ 49.00




7. How do I make payments?


You can pay through MoMo or if you prefer, deposit in our bank account. For all payments use your Whatsapp number as reference.




8. Can I make monthly payments in advance?


Yes, if for example you prefer to pay per term (3 months), just let us know and we adjust our system accordingly.




9. If I want to make a bigger purchase, can I top up my balance?


Yes, you can and the same discounts will apply according to your monthly subscription. Please note that top-ups are different from monthly payments. To keep your account active, after a top-up you will need to make your next monthly payment as usual.




10. Can I buy products on credit?


No, you can only purchase within the amount you have in your account. If you want to place a larger order, you need to top up first.




11. What happens if I forget to make my monthly payment?


We send you a reminder on the 10th of every month. Payment should be made by the 15th. If you fail to pay, you can still operate your account for one (1) month. If you again omit to make payment for the following month your account will be deactivated. If you want to continue using it you first need to make the outstanding payments. We do not apply any penalties.




12. How do I place my order?


As a subscriber to the Easy Purchase Plan, you can simply order through Whatsapp. We will respond by sending you an invoice stating the products that you want and the discounts that apply. It will also state your remaining balance. When you are ok with the invoice we go ahead and supply.




13. How do I get my products? Do you deliver and do I need to pay for that?


Yes, we can arrange delivery according to our normal rates. However, as you are a subscriber to the Easy Purchase Plan we will reach out to you and discuss the best way of getting your products to you. Possibly it may be more efficient if you pick up your items from our factory, or you may have someone nearby that we can deliver to. That way, we can reduce the cost.




14. If there are any misunderstandings, how will they be resolved?


We believe in dialogue and will look for the best solution for all parties. We also believe that children’s education is as close to your heart as it is to ours, and that we can resolve problems from that basis.




15. I really like this Easy Purchase Plan of Special Learning Materials Ltd! How do I join?


Sign up here