An Interactive Material to teach the Digestive System



B4. Know the organs of the digestive system and their functions

 - Show videos, pictures and models of the digestive system.

 - Learners keenly observe the organs of the digestive system.

 - Explain to learners the functions of the various organs in the digestive system.


In this post we show how you can make an Interactive learning material to teach the human digestive system. All the items you need for making this material you can get at low or no cost. 

Materials: box-paper, marker, fabrics, soft foam or old pieces of fabric,plastic bag (optional), Velcro (available at shops that sell sewing accessories), paper,needle, thread, glue.   




1. Draw the outline of the human body on the box paper. You can print or trace the image below and use it:


2. Cut 3 strands from a polythene bag and braid them into a cord. Glue the cord on the outline so that it becomes more visible. Alternatively you can use a strong marker.




3. Glue the bottom halves of the Velcro inside the outline as shown in the image above. Keep the matching pieces.


4. Draw the shapes of the liver and the stomach on a piece of paper and cut them out. You can use these outlines:




5. Lay the pieces on a double folded fabric and cut them out. Sew the two organs and stuff them with soft foam or old pieces of fabric. Glue or sew the matching pieces of Velcro to the back of each. 




6. Measure the length of the Esophagus and sew a tube. Do the same for the Small and Large Intestines. Stuff all and attach the Velcro to the back.



7. You can consult any anatomical drawing online and add more details. In the example shown here the Gall Bladder and the Appendix were added.


You could for example draw the Mouth and the Throat.