Dialogue Reading with Children

The new curriculum for KG emphasizes the importance of reading aloud with children. Here is a useful method for reading during community circle time: the PEER method for Dialogue Reading.


Apart from a story book, you don’t need any other resources!


Dialogue Reading actively involves the children in the story by talking about it. 


The PEER method:

Step1: Before starting to read, the Teacher prompts the children to talk about the story.

Step2: The Teacher positively evaluates what the children say.

Step3: The Teacher expands what the children said by adding information.

Step4: The children respond by repeating what the Teacher added.



As a Teacher you can use different types of prompts:

- Let the children Complete a sentence

- Ask them to Remember something

- Ask Open ended questions

- Ask ‘Wh’ questions (what, when, who, why, where)

- Help them to Relate the story to their own lives


With any prompt you use, always keep the questions simple and connect with what the children want to talk about!



The information on this blog post was adapted from:

Duursma, E., Augustyn, M., & Zuckerman, B. (2008). Reading aloud to children: The evidence. Archives of Disease in Childhood. doi: 10.1136/adc.2006.106336. Retrieved from https://adc.bmj.com/content/93/7/554


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