Demonstrating Object Properties



Basic 2 Mathematics

B2.3.2.1: Demonstrate that the length of an object does not change with its placement or direction.


B2. Prove that the placement or direction of a shape or object does not change its length.


E.g. 1. Put sticks of equal length in different places and directions and ask learners to identify the longest. Then ask them to pick the sticks and put them side by side to see if they have equal length.




Object properties: a simple tool to demonstrate that the length of an object does not change when it is positioned differently.




Materials needed:


- cardboard; this can be from a box or white/coloured cardboard from a stationery shop. If you use part of a box, preferably find a plain piece (without print), as colours or text can easily distract pupils.


- if you decide to use objects: a set of similar empty water bottles, or a set of equal-length pencils, or any set of similar objects that have the same length.




Steps to make equal-length sticks:


1. Determine how long your sticks need to be. If you will use them to demonstrate for the entire class, make sure they are big enough for all pupils to see, including those at the back of the class.




2. Measure out the length and width of your sticks on the cardboard, and use a knife or scissors to cut them out:

 3. Optional: paint the sticks.

Steps in teaching:




1. Introduce the topic.




2. Place the sticks (or set of objects) in a pattern like this:



3. Ask pupils to walk past and identify the longest stick.




4. Ask pupils to walk past and identify the shortest stick.




5. When they are done, let one pupil gather all the sticks and arrange them in line next to each other.




6. Ask whether any of them is longer or shorter than the others.




7. Explain that the length of an object does not change when the position changes.


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